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      Writing.Com has been my home away from home for 21 years. It's a place to gain friends, post your writings, learn the craft better, get honest reviews to help you grow in your writing, share a passion with others who have the same passion, and just overall have a wonderful time. There are so many different activities and our newsfeed to keep in touch with each other. Find a few of the many different contests to enter, games to play, or create for others to play. We can't forget the never-ending various writings to read, and review if you so wish. The things to do on Writing.Com are endless. The friends who will turn into family are also endless on Writing.Com. If you haven't already, please come and join us. You'll be so glad you did!
-- intuey
      I've been a proud member of Writing.com since 2003, and I can confidently say that this platform has been a cornerstone of my journey as a writer. Over the years, it has played a pivotal role in my growth and development as an accomplished writer.

Writing.com is not just a website; it's a vibrant community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for writing. From the very beginning, I was welcomed with open arms by fellow writers who were always willing to offer guidance, feedback, and support. This sense of camaraderie has been invaluable to me.

One of the most remarkable aspects of Writing.com is the endless opportunities it provides for writers to showcase their talents. Through various writing contests, prompts, and challenges, I've been able to test my creative boundaries and refine my skills. The constructive critiques I've received from fellow members have helped me improve my craft significantly.

The platform's interactive features, such as the ability to create and manage my own portfolio, have allowed me to organize and share my work with ease. Additionally, the diverse array of genres and writing styles present on Writing.com has exposed me to a wide range of perspectives and ideas, enriching my own writing in the process.

As someone who aims for success in the realm of writing, Writing.com has been my faithful companion. It has not only provided me with a platform to publish my work but also a space to connect with fellow writers, learn from them, and grow together. I can confidently say that my journey as a writer would not have been the same without this fantastic community.

In conclusion, being a member of Writing.com since 2003 has been an integral part of my writing journey. It's a place where I've honed my skills, received invaluable feedback, and formed lasting friendships with fellow writers. I look forward to many more years of growth and success within this wonderful community.

      I have always loved to write. I was nervous about others reading it as we are our own critics but I was shocked to find so much more on Writing.com
So many ways to helps others find confidence, share their work and to learn that I was an influence to others in many ways.
This site has been in my life for nine years now and I am still learning as a writer. There are so many places to go on this site no matter what you are looking for with your writing-it's here.
Positive feedback is great but you will also learn from mistakes. It's a group of people that hold respect for many genres and talents.
I have learned so much about writing from experiencing contests, poetry teachings, and its all fun. It's been a journey and will continue to be for myself right here in my comfort zone Writing.com

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      I have been on WDC since Jan 25th of 2010 and have loved every minute of it. WDC has had and still has some worthwhile groups. I have been a part of some great groups. From Showering Acts of Joy, Horizon Academy and I have even created a couple of groups. The members have always helped me and anybody else who have needed. Most of the reviews have been extremely helpful and I learn a lot even from reading and reviewing other members' work. We are an extended family. There is not a month that not some writing activity or contest going on. This month we celebrate with Party Central. In October we have Halloween-themed Activities and Contests. We also have October Prep which I do every year. Then in November, we have the NaNo AThon as we take part in NaNoWriMo we raise GP for some great and worthy WDC groups. December we have Secret Santa. I love spoiling other members. Storymaster and Storymistress give us every opportunity to write and learn from each other. I might only be about to celebrate my 14th WDC Anniversary but today starts WDC celebrating 22 years. Happy Birthday, Writing Dot Com! Hope you enjoyed my answer to the prompt, see you tomorrow.
      Since being on writing.com, I've learned so much and made some friends as well. The reason I like being on writing.com because you get to enter contests as well as making friends. Come and join the fun. See you here.
      Stumbling upon Writing.com was one of the best decisions I have ever made as a writer. I used to think my writing was more superior than that of other writers, and I got a lot of feedback which proved otherwise.

After being a member of Writing.com all these years, I am grateful for all the members who humbled me and who were also patient enough with me to help me anyway, despite my initial backlash to criticism because I am a better writer for their selfless dedication of helping me become a better writer. Thank you WDC!
      Thirteen years ago, Yahoo discontinued their social site on which I was posting my writings. An internet search revealed Writing.Com. I admit I was a bit daunted at it's apparent complexity. The Reference Guide did not exist in 2008.

Within a month I bought a membership and have supported WDC ever since. With the continued support and friendship of the members, my writing has both improved and blossomed.

I can't imagine being anywhere else, and look forward to the day I can retire and spend my days writing AND supporting the site.
-- Jace
      I joined WDC two years ago, hoping it would spark me into writing more. I was also looking for critiques on my writing style, along with help in the grammar/punctuation department. I got all of the above plus more. I've made several friends during my time at WDC and with gentle correction, I've learned how to control those out-of-hand commas that want to crop up all over my stories. It may sound cheesy but WDC has become a sort of second home to me. I love hanging out here!
      I've been here writing a year this month, although I joined in May 2017. It took my awhile to determine if I truly wanted to stick my self out there again in the writing world.

I had joined this other writing site and I just felt that I was just being used for their benefit of making money off of the writer's that entered their contest.

WdC has given me my wings again and helped me soar to great heights. By giving author's a chance to be who they are meant to be. I've been told by my son's that they can even see and hear, how much I have grown in this community as a writer.

My stories are stronger, more emotion's due to the classes that are available to us. It is my great pleasure that I have found my home, my heart and a place here at WdC.

I love WdC and the wonderful people here. 🤗💖🤗
      A fun and easy-to-use website with a fun and amazing community. Was able to upload works to my portfolio easily and get proper reviews on them. Also found plenty of good advice on writing, getting published and even found a few new favourite stories. 11/10, would definitely recommend to writers aspiring and professional alike!
      I have been a member of Writing.com since 2010 but have had some health related setbacks and have not published as much of my stuff as I had planned, but I think it is great to have a place like this where we can post our writings and have them reviewed, or submit them into a contest, or just work on them until we are ready to submit them to public scrutiny. Thank you and Happy Birthday, WdC.
Coming to this site was the best choice i ever made as a writer.
Been more than a month now but i have learned so much, and the reviews are what helped me the most.
But as a person who only could stick to free style, i feel like there isn't enough contest for me to participate.
Either way, i am more than happy with the things i learned so far.
I will be around for sometime
      I've visited a lot of sites, and Writing.Com is the best for writers of all skill levels in my opinion. Every person is encouraged to interact and support each other through feedback, participation, and replies. This site is the place to be for anyone looking for a fun or serious way to improve or share. Writing.com is home to most of us.
      Let me count the ways, if only a few.
I've always felt that Facebook was partly pointless and decidedly dangerous. But social networking with a vital creative interest at heart answers both objections.
This is a much more civil place than Facebook. The Golden Rule applies in ways that we all understand.
This is a genuine place. Figuratively, everything is shipped in an open box.
This is a focused place. Who comes here comes to write.
This is a user-oriented place. Features are features, not revenue re-direct opportunities or bugs respun.
This is a mature place. The different spaces, from e-mail to newsfeeds to forums to portfolios and beyond are integrated tightly and logically.
This is a technically sophisticated place. Pages load cleanly and completely. Mark-up language techniques are fully exploited, while processing language techniques are kept the absolute minimum.
Michelangelo once said something about "hewing away the excess until the object was revealed". (Of course that's a paraphrase. Michelangelo spoke Latin.) In sculpting this website, the StoryMaster shows how to grow marble into an object.
Save the hammer and chisel. Have Geoffrey Holder bring over a fresh batch of cola nuts.
      Before Writing.com five years ago, I tried a few other writing sites and was not all that impressed. I can honestly say, out of all the writing sites I have tried, Writing.com is the best. Although beware, the site is addictive! *Bigsmile*

Over the past five years, I've developed many friendships with fellow writers from all over the world, improved on my own writing with the help of fellow members, and even found myself experiencing with other genres, which I never thought I'd ever attempt.

So, if you are browsing, trying to find a home to share your writing, I encourage you to give Writing.com a try. Post your writing, review others, and check out some contests and you'll get addicted too.
      - * - Writing.Com - * -
Joining Writing.Com this past year has truly jump-started my writing! As the helpful and inspiring site celebrates its impressive eighteen birthday/anniversary, I created a list of 18 of the many ways it encourages writers and has benefitted me:
18) So many writing resources provided
17) Great advice from reviews
16) Opportunities to grow as a writer by reading others' work more frequently
15) Opportunities to grow as a writer by giving detailed reviews of others' work
14) Practice in brevity, which I need desperately, in flash fiction contests
13) Practice in 'showing' more than 'telling' through newsletters and contests such as "The Taboo Words Contest"
12) Connecting with other retired teachers who are also using their additional available time to pursue their writing interests
11) Newsletters (and archives) related to Short Stories
10) Newsletters (and archives) related to Mystery writing
9) WdC makes an exerted effort to reach out to "Newbies" ... this has made a big difference in my first year here
8) I have been motivated to try different genres (and even got a first place in one contest after this risk-taking!)
7) Builds confidence
6) Gets otherwise isolated writers out of their vacuum
5) SO many opportunities in so many contests!
4) Newsletters (and archives) related to Poetry
3) Encourages us all to thank others, show appreciation, award and highlight great works, and to pass on that encouragement
2) Inspires me, finally, to write every day!!!
1) My path has crossed with yours
      I love WdC! It's a friendly, tight-knit community that helps a writer improve their craft, broaden their horizons, and make new friends. It's not for everyone, but it's helped me a lot.

I get reviews, enter contests, and chat with people I'd otherwise never meet. I feel like a part of something and I feel like I've gotten so much better. I write on a regular basis and have it exposed.

I owe a lot to WdC.
      On WdC with Love.
With great affection I will explain why WdC is such a great site. It is the best writer’s community I have ever come across, with its helpful information, its limitless source of inspiration and its perks for writing and reviewing. Within one week I was hooked for life.

Hours become days become weeks and I am totally enjoying my time at the site. Thank you for being there for me and my Muse.
      Writing.com has provided a special online home where I can dispense my creativity. The feedback I receive from readers and other writers has been instrumental in my quest for publication. Reviewing other people's work also helps me to see, in my own writing, where I am making mistakes. I just received my writing.com ball cap and gift and I love them!
      Several months ago, I searched the internet for writing groups so I could get feedback on some of my stories. Though I wanted the feedback, I was a little nervous to have them critiqued and I knew it would be hard to get out of my comfort zone. I stumbled across this website and have had such a great experience since! I love the encouragement I have received from those who reviewed my stories and especially those who gave me tips and pointers on what I can do to make them better! It made me want to do the same for others. I like the exchange of reviews that happen here. I can honestly say that I have learned so much here and have increased my writing skills.
      A little over a year ago I stumbled upon WDC on Google. I decided to join because I needed a site where I could write and store and share my stories. As a Newbie I was a bit nervous at first, but soon I was writing and reviewing and gaining confidence. soon I was publishing article in a local newspaper and actually getting paid! I'm so happy I found this wonderful site;it is an encouraging, caring community of writers and I'm delighted to be part of it!
-- River
      I found this writing site 'writing .com' while I was browsing the internet. I find the site very challenging, but interesting, and there is lots to do with competitions to test your inspirations. Thanks for sharing this site with me.
      I have been with WDC since April of 2014 and my experience here has been amazing. I have been writing for my whole life and it was not until I was referred to this site from a friend that I have been able to grow as a writer. This is the first place where I received feedback from my writing. This is the place where I won my first writing contest. This is also the place where many long lasting friendships have begun. This site is more than just the writing. There are activities to participate in such as the interactive stories, crosswords, surveys, blogs, reviews, helping others, and much more. I feel like I have come home on this website. I would like to thank everyone who participates in keeping this website going and for having all the activities that we have here on WDC.
      I have been on WDC for a little over a month now and I have no intention of getting off anytime soon. I love how kind and polite the members of this community are! It is nice to submit your work and actually get some useful feedback to reward your hard work. And, on top of getting feedback, the review reward system is super cool! I get rewarded for helping fellow writers perfect what they love and I have to say…I like that feeling. It seems like a solid community of people who have one HUGE thing in common no matter how different they are…we all love to write.
      I joined Writing.com about one week ago. I proudly accept my status of "NEWBIE". I have jumped into the deep waters by creating portfolio writings totaling four items; I have completed seven writing reviews, entered a writing contest, and signed-up to join one of the many available writing clubs. In this short period of time, I have established friendships with some authors and already see some subtle improvements with my writing. I fully expect to write a book someday. My eventual success in that venture will surely be due in part to the feedback that I'm receiving on Writing.com. Bright Writer
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