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Writing Contests on Writing.Com are posted here.
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Current OFFICIAL Writing.Com Contests:

Journey Through Genres: Official Contest  [E]
Write a short story in the given genre to win big prizes!
by Writing.Com Support

Good Deeds Get CASH!  [E]
Write reviews to win cash prizes!
by Writing.Com Support

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Enter your best response based on the prompt answering a few questions. Related to the month! Open now until end of month.

Space Wars  (13+)
There is a war going on in outer space and the aliens need your help to bring peace!
#2280815 by Angelica- Covered in green

Posted by Angelica- Covered in green on Feb 2, 2024 at 10:02pm  

Want to be a part of a fun writing/community-based activity that incorporates the magical fantasy of 'Alice in Wonderland'? Then you won't want to miss the chance to sign up for all the shenanigans bound to unfold! Sign ups now!

Wonderland  (13+)
a "nonsensical" writing activity. Sign Ups Now!
#2212324 by iKïyå§ama-BacktoWonderland!

Posted by iKïyå§ama-BacktoWonderland! on Feb 1, 2024 at 6:58pm  

If you have been at WdC for less than a year and like to write poetry, this is the contest for you.

A Newbie Poetry Contest  (E)
Presented by The Fox's Socks//OPEN FEB 1-29, 2024
#2273703 by ❄️GeminiGem🦊

Posted by ❄️GeminiGem🦊 on Feb 1, 2024 at 2:58pm  

Write a funny story! Open prompt this round.

The Comedy Club Contest  (E)
A Contest For The Funny Side Of Life. OPEN FEB. 2024
#1965952 by ❄️GeminiGem🦊

Posted by ❄️GeminiGem🦊 on Feb 1, 2024 at 2:56pm  

This February round is for choosing from a list of items and a list of secondary characters and writing a story that includes your chosen item and character.

The Lodestar Contest  (13+)
Looking for a guiding light. The 2024 round is open: short stories with certain elements.
#2130938 by Satuawany

Posted by Satuawany on Feb 1, 2024 at 12:23am  

FEBRUARY 2024 Veterans Contest will run from 2/01/2024 until noon on the month it reaches 7 entries. Please enter old or new up to you. Awardicons and merit badges up for grabs. Show your support for Veterans. All registered members welcome to post.

Of course there's a Veterans Day - EVERY DAY!
#423698 by Monty

Posted by Monty on Jan 31, 2024 at 1:00pm  

FEBRUARY Contest. Check the rules and enter: Either a Short Story (2,000 word maximum) Or Poetry (44 lines maximum) between 02/01/2024 until 02/29/2024 at noon. Old or new, up to you. Awardicons and GPs too.

The Place for Seniors!
#427318 by Monty

Posted by Monty on Jan 31, 2024 at 12:57pm  

Do you like Folklore and Legends? If so, you can join the group and get into a contest but first you must write about it. Please come join us.

Folklore and Legends Contest Forum  (ASR)
Do you have what it takes to write about a Legend?
#2311563 by Beacon's Lighthouse

Posted by Beacon's Lighthouse on Jan 28, 2024 at 1:25am  

The January/February prompt is not active and ready to go! Creature Horror in Australia!

Horror Writing Contest!   (13+)
A contest involving writing a horror story. Simple, really.
#2273172 by s

Posted by s on Jan 26, 2024 at 5:13pm  

Sporting new prompts and looking for romance and/or erotica flash fiction stories each week.

The Weekly Quickie Contest  (18+)
Can you excite in 969 words? Romance+ Contest, February 2024 Theme: Bro Code Violations
#1355442 by Dawn Embers

Posted by Dawn Embers on Jan 5, 2024 at 11:00pm  

Can you write the best opening line and hook readers? Follow the picture prompt and create the most engaging first line(s) of a story! Gift Points and Exclusive Merit Badges up for grabs! Showcase your skills and win BIG! ROUND 8 OPEN!

Hook of the Book: A Contest   (18+)
Can you write the most engaging opening sentence for a story? 100k+ GPs & Merit Badges!
#2293351 by Jeremy's Down The Rabbit Hole

Posted by Jeremy's Down The Rabbit Hole on Jan 1, 2024 at 8:57pm  

Open for January after a bit of time off. Can you write to a one-word prompt????

The LGBT Writing Contest - now judging  (18+)
Short story contest (with great prizes) for LGBT characters.
#1980539 by Osirantinous

Posted by Osirantinous on Jan 1, 2024 at 6:14pm  

The StAG Firebox opens tomorrow for the month of January! Use the picture prompt to give us your best steampunk stories!

StAG Firebox - Closed for judging!  (13+)
Steampunk fiction competition
#1781446 by Beck Firing back up!

Posted by Beck Firing back up! on Dec 31, 2023 at 5:10pm  

Choose one of three prompts, write a story that shows--as opposed to tells--what's happening, and win big prizes. This month's prompts are (a) write a Romance; OR (b) use the words glimmer, quandary, and demur; OR make your protagonist be afraid.

Tales Shown, Not Told  (18+)
A short story contest with a focus on showing, not telling.
#2295490 by Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈

Posted by Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 on Dec 29, 2023 at 12:30pm  

Dust off and brush up those unique How-To/Advice articles you've written to help other members navigate some aspect of Writing.Com. Submit your entries for some great prizes.

WDC L'il Helper Contest  (E)
Submit your best How-To essay or narrative that explains a specific aspect of Writing.com.
#2308999 by Jace

Posted by Jace on Dec 15, 2023 at 2:15pm  

Do you have what it takes to write about a Haunting? Well, you can come here and post your poems but you need to follow the rules and the prompt. You will have a chance to win a MB and awardicon.

Spirits at Lighthouses Contest  (13+)
Do you have what it takes to write about a Haunting?
#2128856 by Beacon's Lighthouse

Posted by Beacon's Lighthouse on Dec 8, 2023 at 1:38am  

The Santa, Elves and Reindeer contest is open to (almost) all genres! Give me your best Christmas story that follows the rules posted. 500-1,500 words (please put word count in the item!)

Santa, Elves, and Reindeer Contest  (ASR)
My 2023 Christmas Contest - bring your best short story to win great prizes!
#1730016 by Beck Firing back up!

Posted by Beck Firing back up! on Dec 5, 2023 at 4:48pm  

poetry contest that encourages a divergent voice

Rebel Poetry Contest  (18+)
next round January 2024
#2112615 by Warped Sanity

Posted by Warped Sanity on Nov 16, 2023 at 9:53pm  

Each week I will post a word(s) (or number) you must include in your prompt. Weekly winners will have a chance to win the monthly MB give-away! Be sure to read the rules!

The Prompt Me Contest  (13+)
Weekly winners will have a chance to win the monthly MB give-away!
#2000519 by Cubby ~ On the Road Again!(AZ)

Posted by Cubby ~ On the Road Again!(AZ) on Oct 31, 2023 at 10:57pm  

Do you enjoy writing poetry? Have you been a member of Writing.Com for less than a year? If so, this is the place for you!

The Newbie Poetry Award  (13+)
A poetry contest for members in their first year on Writing.Com.
#2307442 by Kit

Posted by Kit on Oct 31, 2023 at 3:08pm  

Write a short story or poem inspired by one of several image prompts. Come check out the details!

Holiday Poem Contest  (E)
A fun contest to get us in the festive, holiday mood!
#2305815 by Shadow Prowler-Spreading Love

Posted by Shadow Prowler-Spreading Love on Oct 7, 2023 at 9:54am  

Oct 2023 has a new contest at the Bee Hive! Submit your Autumn & Halloween Cnote Collections for reviews, awaricons and merit badges!

The Best of the Rest at the Bee Hive   (E)
FEB 2024 Contest is open! Give us your best Valentine's Madlib!
#1134192 by StephBee

Posted by StephBee on Oct 3, 2023 at 9:07am  

Sept is time for the Cop Shop Mystery. Can you solve it in 23 sentences?

The Bard's Hall Contest  (13+)
#981150 by StephBee

Posted by StephBee on Sep 12, 2023 at 6:52pm  

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