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Plugger: Wannabe
Pluggee: Spring Cleaning - Course to Begin     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 04-02-17 @ 4:00am
The Plug: SG Money Coach

Plugger: Wannabe
Pluggee: Your Childs First Job - 50 - 50 Rule     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 03-13-17 @ 2:54am
The Plug: Budgeting 101

Plugger: Wannabe
Pluggee: Finance Woes - Who Can You Talk To     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 03-04-17 @ 1:48am
The Plug: Budgeting 101

Plugger: Simply_Sandy
Pluggee: Off Kilter     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 02-01-17 @ 6:39am
The Plug: How it feels to be under attack...

Plugger: Simply_Sandy
Pluggee: Getting a Little Political Part II     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 01-23-17 @ 1:00pm
The Plug: Some rantings about things going on this weekend

Plugger: Eagle Eye
Pluggee: Me and My Capsule     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 01-22-17 @ 8:28pm
The Plug: This was a 30 Days Blogging Challenge prompt "What are some things you would put in a time capsule to be opened up one, twenty, and/or fifty years from now that shows the person you are today?"

Plugger: Eagle Eye
Pluggee: Draw a Line     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 01-22-17 @ 8:24pm
The Plug: My first ever plug. A poetic response to this prompt on Blogging Circle of Friends: "We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin, but we all belong to one human race." -- Kofi Annan

Plugger: Chthonic_Piper
Pluggee: A Pesky Case of an Unyoked Infinitive or Why I'm Not Around     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 12-10-16 @ 11:33am
The Plug: Much ado about an infinitive and what I'm up to these days

Plugger: Chthonic_Piper
Pluggee: Write the Mundane     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 11-28-16 @ 1:53am
The Plug: Observations on writing fiction

Plugger: Catherine Sarah
Pluggee: Emails Stress Me and People Fascinate Me     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 11-26-16 @ 3:51pm
The Plug: Thoughts on emails, texts, and being a social introvert.

Plugger: April Sunday
Pluggee: DEMISE OF HETTY HOLLINGER     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 11-17-16 @ 4:02am
The Plug: Blogging with Blogging Circle of Friends affords space @ FANDANGO for a chance at a serial pen. So welcome to Narrowmind .. with apologies to Wisconsin due. All fiction tales. Comments welcome. Best Thanksgiving to all readers.

Plugger: April Sunday
Pluggee: EVIL WITCH HETTY (BASE)     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 11-16-16 @ 11:40am
The Plug: Really rather -- very far out content. And contrary to popular opinion, I don't believe all of the link info. Edited for update 11/15 -- Your call, should be discussed --- this domestic spying contention. Base of Hetty Series/ on FANDANGO

Plugger: April Sunday
Plug Time: 11-12-16 @ 7:15am
The Plug: & thank goodness for WDC, a place to show one's written verbiage. And thank goodness for humor of Tamar Myers' tales of the Penn Dutch Inn (set in Lancaster Co.) And tribute to blog popularity onsite. Blog on!

Plugger: WakeUpAndLive~Spring Tide★
Pluggee: The painted city of Verona     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 08-13-16 @ 7:06am
The Plug: Virtual backpacking tour through Europe with 30-Day Blogging Challenge

Plugger: Elwood∞
Pluggee: Games and Rules     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 08-11-16 @ 10:30am
The Plug: I am attempting to get feedback for what I intend to use over time to show potential periodicals writing samples in order to sell articles. I am sort of hung up on politics right now, but the blog is intended to be for all sorts of subjects. Please help!

Plugger: ruwth
Pluggee: Things happen . . .     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 08-04-16 @ 7:31am
The Plug: ::::: PLEASE REVIEW THIS ENTRY :::::

Plugger: ruwth
Pluggee: Happy 10th to Andrew     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 08-04-16 @ 7:25am
The Plug: A clever way to write a blog highlighting items in three other ports. It was created specifically for an activity sponsored by Andrew (casuconsulto) for his 10 year WDC anniversary celebration.

Plugger: River
Pluggee: Pokémon Go, flies, and other annoying things.     (Rated: ASR)
Plug Time: 07-25-16 @ 1:33pm
The Plug: I've added a new entry to {item:2090787} {entry:888430 }

Plugger: Mare ~ Workin, workin, workin
Pluggee: Revised!     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 06-19-16 @ 9:18am
The Plug: A revised edition of my first attempt at writing fiction

Plugger: Djokolot
Pluggee: A Funny Thing Happened On My Way Back to the Shore     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 06-11-16 @ 6:11pm
The Plug: Yes, a funny thing did happen, although I didn't find it very funny back then! Looking back at it today, it's funny!

Plugger: Intuey*He'sGone*
Pluggee: Mother Fell Down and Hit Her Head ... Again and Again     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 05-30-16 @ 2:26pm
The Plug: How does a reader get so up close and personal with the genre they write about? Well, for this well-known mystery/crime writer, it's because she lived it!

Plugger: Joto-Kai
Pluggee: Tragedy of Guinevere     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 04-14-16 @ 11:22am
The Plug: Even more deeply philosophical (or deep into sophistry?) than usual, this. Would welcome any comments, debate...

Plugger: Kerri-Writer Feels
Pluggee: Long Time No Blog     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 04-14-16 @ 9:36am
The Plug: A blog to help me stay accountable with my writing. This entry is a rant about some. . .problems.

Plugger: ruwth
Pluggee: Priorities . . .     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 04-13-16 @ 5:12pm
The Plug: One of my personal favorites. I'm going to re-read it now myself. I hope y'all will join me. :-)

Plugger: Sum1
Pluggee: Santa Fe!!     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 04-13-16 @ 5:06pm
The Plug: Self Promo here. Going home is always good. Seeing family, visiting my mother's grave, enjoying love and friendship. It's all that matters if you ask me.

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