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Plugger: Elisa, Stik of Clubs
Pluggee: Youth News Gathering     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 02-01-24 @ 12:45pm
The Plug: Another bit from my YouTube blog, this time focusing on one of my favored topics (media analysis and consumption)

Plugger: Don Dadda
Pluggee: The death of my procrastination     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 02-01-24 @ 12:22pm
The Plug: Calling all writers! I ask for your help in slaying the Procrastination Dragon! I am trying to finish my book, and can use all the help i can get! Check me out!

Plugger: Brian K Compton..tree still up
Pluggee: Keep Away (MV)     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 10-14-23 @ 11:05pm
The Plug: Personification, a red ball, ocean, sand and not a problem to make up my own games to be entertained, with that horizon coming.

Plugger: Brian K Compton..tree still up
Pluggee: fall gathering place     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 10-08-23 @ 11:50pm
The Plug: It’s fall and the stink bugs gather on the window screen, begging to come in? So, my mind went ahead of me and I wrote about all the living now or soon gathering in my warm abode.

Plugger: staiNed
Pluggee: Im back with a butt load of pent up feelings.     (Rated: ASR)
Plug Time: 09-02-23 @ 6:19pm
The Plug: Small, lawsuit.

Plugger: Elisa, Stik of Clubs
Pluggee: Texas Towns     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 07-29-23 @ 10:55pm
The Plug: The latest installment of my YouTube blog, where I tackle a different type of video compared to my usual video essay preferences

Plugger: Evie πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ write&blog
Pluggee: How to become happy and productive in 12 minutes     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-07-23 @ 3:23am
The Plug: Do you feel unmotivated? Completely drained of energy and inspiration? Maybe you've made time in your schedule and it seems like everything is going smoothly and you're ready to have a productive session.... But you just don't feel it.

Plugger: Evie πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ write&blog
Pluggee: Write what you know β€” settings     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-07-23 @ 3:21am
The Plug: It can be difficult to think of a place. Very difficult. It is a place, after all - in your head. Knowledge and geography help. But ... When writing novels, is it okay to add invented things to a real-life setting to make it more exotic and unusual?

Plugger: Queen NormaJean healthathand!
Pluggee: Entry #6 of the February 2023 Contest     (Rated: ASR)
Plug Time: 02-10-23 @ 6:47pm
The Plug: An entry for Andre's Banana Bar February 2023 Challenge.

Plugger: Charity Marie - <3
Pluggee: 30DBC Day 4: For Maggie     (Rated: 18+)
Plug Time: 11-05-21 @ 1:05pm
The Plug: A tribute post

Plugger: Elska Hugrekki
Pluggee: My purpose … need to write     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 07-05-21 @ 4:13pm
The Plug: My purpose … my need to write

Plugger: dogpack:saving 4 premium: DWG
Pluggee: THAT DARN MONKEY     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 03-11-21 @ 12:35pm
The Plug: Writing word art in my blog ignited by a monkey.

Plugger: Queen NormaJean healthathand!
Pluggee: A Waiting Game     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 03-03-21 @ 1:52am
The Plug: Thank you for the Quill nomination. I am still in a wonder.

Plugger: GERVIC πŸ‰ WDC Dragon Vale
Pluggee: Perhaps a Productive Year     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 02-24-21 @ 10:59am
The Plug: My first blog entry...

Plugger: Queen NormaJean healthathand!
Pluggee: Amazing Luck     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 12-31-20 @ 7:23pm
The Plug: My last entry in the 30-Day Blogging Challenge for the December unofficial contest was just posted. Come visit me.

Plugger: dogpack:saving 4 premium: DWG
Pluggee: THANKSGIVING NIGHT     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 11-27-20 @ 12:12pm
The Plug: Thanksgiving events and a silly story attached. Read and respond to MY DAY for gift points.

Plugger: Ara_Vye
Pluggee: Video Game Review: Hollow Knight     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-22-20 @ 1:56pm
The Plug: I write things and sometimes review video games!

Plugger: Toffeeman1957
Pluggee: Redundant     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-12-20 @ 5:11pm
The Plug: Jump in , the water is warm.

Plugger: Toffeeman1957
Pluggee: Everton!     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-11-20 @ 6:08pm
The Plug: Entry for the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Join us, it's fun.

Plugger: Toffeeman1957
Pluggee: Reliability     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 05-08-20 @ 4:41pm
The Plug: The prompt for this blog seemed a bit daunting. And then it was fun!

Plugger: MirandaCookies COLLEGE SOON
Pluggee: My feelings on COVID-19     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 05-05-20 @ 4:22am
The Plug: A ramble fest about how I feel on COVID

Plugger: MirandaCookies COLLEGE SOON
Pluggee: Introducing Me & My Best Friend?     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 05-05-20 @ 4:22am
The Plug: My first entry

Plugger: MirandaCookies COLLEGE SOON
Pluggee: Best Friend and Moonlight     (Rated: 13+)
Plug Time: 05-05-20 @ 4:21am
The Plug: A prompt going into how I unwind at night and my awesome best friend

Plugger: Velicity Phoenix
Pluggee: YEAR ONE--for US ALL?     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 04-18-20 @ 11:16am
The Plug: *Year One* -- and Year One for us all. -- A book title "Year One, and an Irony to the possibility of it may be Year One for us All. Please Read, you may enjoy :)

Plugger: Lazy Writer est 4/24/2008
Pluggee: My PLans for April, 3/31/2020     (Rated: E)
Plug Time: 03-31-20 @ 9:41pm
The Plug: Please read

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