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Back after a bit of a hiatus! Write 14 words for a shot at a pot of 14,000 gift points. Round 130 closes at noon on June 14.

I supply an acronym; you make up what it stands for. My favorite entries win gift points!
#921363 by Davy Kraken

Posted by Davy Kraken on May 27, 2024 at 4:45pm  

Weekly prose writing prompts for 12 weeks. Signs-ups May 15-31, prompts begin June 3. Not a contest.

Weird & Wonky World Writing Challenge  (E)
Sign up for this twelve-week prose writing challenge with weekly prompts.
#2319862 by 🐦GeminiGem🌷

Posted by 🐦GeminiGem🌷 on May 15, 2024 at 7:24pm  

Now in our 20th year of fun and in desperate need of new blood! Please check us out, all we ask from you is one measly line!

Linericks  (18+)
A Linerick is a Limerick written one piece at a time!
#986307 by deemac

Posted by deemac on Mar 13, 2024 at 6:24am  

Writing activity, not a contest! Themes change every month. Merit badges given with qualifying projects entered. Exclusive merit badges given for participating three consecutive months.

Merit Badge Magic  (E)
A magical way to inspire your Muse! New themes to write about every month. Not a contest.
#2293943 by 🐦GeminiGem🌷

Posted by 🐦GeminiGem🌷 on Mar 11, 2024 at 2:22pm  

Don't miss out! Form a team, pick a banner, participate in the biggest game the WdC has ever seen.

Game of Thrones  (13+)
Returning in April - Prep starts March 1st
#456789 by Gaby ~ Quiet contemplation

Posted by Gaby ~ Quiet contemplation on Feb 26, 2024 at 11:19pm  

Care to share some steampunk writing? Swing by the reading room and check out some great stories - or post your own for us all to read!

 Steampunk Reading Room  (E)
Providing a reading resource for those who wish to read and review Steampunk stories.
#1999903 by Beck Firing back up!

Posted by Beck Firing back up! on Feb 3, 2024 at 7:42pm  

Do you love getting MBs, then come on and you can purchase a ticket and try to win the MBs that's in the forum. It's to raise funds for Positive hearts Reviews Group.

Positive Hearts Fundraiser   (13+)
Help with keeping the Review Group going.
#2287697 by Beacon's Light

Posted by Beacon's Light on Jan 28, 2024 at 1:30am  

Would you like to join our group? if so, come on and we will have fun. In the meantime, I'm setting things up but it's open.

Positive Hearts Reviews Forum   (13+)
For giving an honest and positive reviews
#2229793 by Beacon's Light

Posted by Beacon's Light on Jan 28, 2024 at 1:28am  

Bored? Come spend some with me. Haha!

~ Polls, Crosswords and Wordsearch  (E)
Come spend some time with me.
#1205833 by StaiNed-House Targaryen

Posted by StaiNed-House Targaryen on Jan 27, 2024 at 1:05pm  

Thank a reviewer by sending them a review or more! Doesn't get easier than this.

Review Your Reviewer  (13+)
Temp. CLOSED ~ A place where you share and review each others work. Wonderful incentives!
#2312834 by Gaby ~ Quiet contemplation

Posted by Gaby ~ Quiet contemplation on Jan 27, 2024 at 12:40pm  

Tame, Grow, and Adopt a Dragon for delightful rewards.

WDC Dragon Vale  (E)
Tame, Grow, and Adopt a Dragon for delightful rewards.
#2312577 by GERVIC 🐉 WDC Dragon Vale

Posted by GERVIC 🐉 WDC Dragon Vale on Jan 24, 2024 at 12:49am  

On the hunt for a contest to enter? On the prowl for a fun activity to join? Looking for a big challenge?

Contest Clues  (E)
List of WdC Writing Contests, Challenges, Activities. Clues To What's Open, What's Closed!
#2221492 by 🐦GeminiGem🌷

Posted by 🐦GeminiGem🌷 on Jan 8, 2024 at 6:51pm  

Rare Merit Badges, Awardicons, Trinkets and other Goodies are up for grabs!

The Elemental Fundraiser  (E)
A fundraising activity for WDC Dragon Vale
#2310557 by GERVIC 🐉 WDC Dragon Vale

Posted by GERVIC 🐉 WDC Dragon Vale on Dec 21, 2023 at 12:19am  

It's a Holdiay CNote Contest at the Best of Rest! Share you collection and win!

The Best of the Rest at the Bee Hive   (E)
MAY 2024 Contest is open! Submit your Word Searches!
#1134192 by StephBee

Posted by StephBee on Dec 7, 2023 at 7:58pm  

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