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Item #411411
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Item #411411
Welcome to the Reviewing Handbook

The handbook features an organized collection of newsletters from the "Reviewing Newsletter" run by the members of "Reviewing News and Views [E]. This handbook was created by a group consisting of readers as well as editors of the newsletter, which are listed in "Credits. The handbook is part of a compromise between the Reviewing Newsletter's desire to release newsletters at irregular intervals and SMs desire for the Reviewing Newsletter to become an official part of Writing.Com. The idea was to have the newsletters from the Reviewing Newsletter compiled into a book item and be put in the support folder.

The purpose of the handbook is to help readers of the newsletter improve their skills in reading and communication in reference to reviewing. To do this, the Reviewing Handbook has been divided into several sections, and more will be added if need be. Below are sections that have been currently included in the handbook. Each link leads to an explanation of the information contained in each section.

"Review Prep
"Reviewing Techniques
"Reviewing Styles
"Reviews and Responding
"Review Related
"Just for Fun
Entry # 1 Review Prep 0.43k
Entry # 2 Mental Preparation Prior to Reviewing - by Arwee 8.66k
Entry # 3 Altering Reviewing Style to Suit The Writer - Lynn McKenzie 6.46k
Entry # 4 Avoiding Review Burnout - By Arwee 8.25k
Entry # 5 Fact Checking in Reviews - by Arwee 8.26k
Entry # 6 The Difference Between AmE and BrE - by Arwee 11.40k
Entry # 7 Reviewing Techniques 0.40k
Entry # 8 Basic Review Structure - by vivacious 4.32k
Entry # 9 How to Review a Really Bad Item - by Lotusneko 8.62k
Entry # 10 Explaining Yourself In Reviews - by Arwee 7.98k
Entry # 11 In-Depth Reviewing The Perfect Item - by Arwee 8.31k
Entry # 12 What To Look For When Reviewing - by Arwee 19.15k
Entry # 13 Reviewing Novels & Novellas - by Satuawany 12.81k
Entry # 14 Reviewing the Unconventional - by Stargopher 6.80k
Entry # 15 Using Our Emotions When Reviewing - by Anne 11.58k
Entry # 16 Explaining Technical Suggestions to a Reviewee - by Arwee 14.28k
Entry # 17 Reviewing Contest Entries - by Dark Lady 6.88k
Entry # 18 Reviewing Poetry - by Kate 8.48k
Entry # 19 Top Ten Reviewer Habits - by Arwee 10.42k
Entry # 20 An Overly Critical Eye Can Cause Confusion - by Satuawany 12.07k
Entry # 21 How to Be Really Useful Reviewers by Lynn McKenzie 5.68k
Entry # 22 In-Depth Reviewing Short Items - by Arwee 8.88k
Entry # 23 Reviewing Styles 0.40k
Entry # 24 Writing An Entertaining Review - by Arwee 9.05k
Entry # 25 Two Types of Reviews - by Arwee 9.09k
Entry # 26 Sidenotes or Tangents in Reviews - by Stargopher 8.07k
Entry # 27 Spicing Up Cliché Reviewing Phrases - by Arwee 11.75k
Entry # 28 Reviews and Responding 0.38k
Entry # 29 Etiquette of Responding to Reviews - by Arwee 7.14k
Entry # 30 How much of you in reviews & hurtful responses - Lotusneko 5.68k
Entry # 31 Rewarding Reviewers - by Lotusneko 7.90k
Entry # 32 How to Respond to ML-Riddled Reviews - by Arwee 13.93k
Entry # 33 When Thank You Isn't Enough - by vivacious 4.06k
Entry # 34 Making Use of Replies to Reviews - by Satuawany 10.92k
Entry # 35 Critical Reviews vs. Abusive Reviews - by Arwee 9.85k
Entry # 36 Review Related 0.38k
Entry # 37 Setting Up A "How I Review" Item - by vivacious 2.86k
Entry # 38 A Reviewer's Intention - by Lotusneko 3.64k
Entry # 39 Recommending Books - by vivacious 7.79k
Entry # 40 How Poetry Publications Review, Part 1 - by Lotusneko 10.63k
Entry # 41 Donating Reviews to Charity - by Lotusneko 5.23k
Entry # 42 Use and Abuse of Public Reviewing Page - by Arwee 11.43k
Entry # 43 What Not to do in a Public Review - by Satuawany 15.76k
Entry # 44 Attracting Reviewers to Your Portfolio - by Arwee 8.55k
Entry # 45 Reviewing on Other Sites Such as Amazon - by Lotusneko 8.71k
Entry # 46 Choosing a Review Group - by Arwee 10.78k
Entry # 47 Interviews 0.39k
Entry # 48 Diane Goettel Inverview - by Lotusneko 9.77k
Entry # 49 Interview with Poet Laureate Kevin Stein - by Lotusneko 12.56k
Entry # 50 Interview with Poet Kevin Stein Part 2 - by Lotusneko 8.26k
Entry # 51 Halloween '08 Issue - by Lotusneko 7.89k
Entry # 52 Halloween Horror Interview Series Cont. - By Lotusneko 5.83k
Entry # 53 Halloween Horror Interview Last Installment - By Lotusneko 3.15k
Entry # 54 Just for Fun 0.22k
Entry # 55 A Semi-Comedic Look at Reviewers - by Arwee 11.61k
Entry # 56 What Type of "Bug" Reviewer Are You? By Lotusneko 7.47k
Entry # 57 Part II "Bug" Reviewers in WDC Garden - by Lotusneko 12.46k
Entry # 58 Credits 0.38k

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